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Class Descriptions

Moon Flow Yoga

Moon Flow cultivates a calm & grounded energy whilst offering a meditative experience through breath awareness. This is a fluid, soft & gentle practice with the intention of slowing the mind down & regulating the nervous system. These classes are designed to leave you feeling balanced, regulated & clear.

Suitable for beginners to advanced.

Sun Flow Yoga

Sun flow is a dynamic practise that cultivates strength, stability & grounding with the intention of bringing you back into your body. (When we strengthen our body we strengthen the mind.) These classes are designed to leave you feeling energised, balanced, confident & uplifted and are a blend of Vinyasa flow & Hatha Yoga.

Suitable for beginners to advanced.

Yin Yoga

A calming, nourishing & hydrating practice with the intention to cultivate more awareness and a deeper connection to self, leaving you to feeling more integrated within your being. You will find yourself in grounded long-held postures, for 2-10 minutes focusing on the yin parts of the body (connective tissue, tendons & ligaments). This is a powerful practice for introspection, bridging the gap between physical asana and deeper meditative states.

Suitable for beginners to advanced.

Kids Meditations & Mindfulness

Our Meditation & Mindful sessions are to allow children to express themselves authentically and creatively. Our goal is to explore adaptable techniques through interest based, fun, creative mindful tools. Sessions will include a rich pallet of inquiry-based, playful activities and approaches designed to engage each child with opportunities to fully participate and most importantly make new and meaningful discoveries.  

Sangha Studio classes are open to all levels and we welcome beginner to advanced students.

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