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Sangha Yoga Studio Code of Conduct & Ethics for Teachers/Students

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In order to guarantee the safety of each student & that they receive the best experience possible, Sangha Yoga Studio requests that everyone respects our Code of Conduct & Ethics, which is as follows:


  • Due to class numbers being limited, we encourage you to make your class bookings online via our our website or booking system. Our booking link is as follows:

    Please see our cancellation policy below for your reference. We would however really appreciate you taking the time to let us know if you can't make it to class via the following email:


  • All mobile phones, i-watches, devices etc. are no longer permitted in the studio space. For security purposes, please leave them in the car or in the foyer at your own discretion. (Unless you're medically on call and have asked for permission from the teacher). This is really important to us!!! Phones ringing and buzzing during practice can be very disruptive and besides, class is an excellent chance to switch off from the rest of the world. (Note: Teachers are only using their devices for time keeping and music management).


  • All classes begin and end on time. Teachers start each class on time to demonstrate their respect for the practice and they end each practice on time to show respect for their students. As such, please arrive 5-15 minutes before class (no earlier, no later) and prepare to stay the entire time. Latecomers will not be permitted into class.  


  •  The studio door upstairs will now be locked until 10-15mins prior to class start time. Please wait quietly upstairs in the foyer & if you arrive while another class is finishing, please be mindful that students are likely in savasana (or rest). If so, please wait downstairs outside and try to keep your voice low, so that everyone has a chance to bliss.


  • If you need to leave right on the second of class finishing, please let the teacher know, leave quietly & they will pack up your props. Students can be in a delicate space after practising so it’s important to move slowly, quietly & mindfully. 


  • Please be mindful & aware of both the teachers and other fellow students' personal space and energy before and after class. (E.g. Voice volume & nature of conversation). We are all there for our own personal reasons and it’s important that we respect each other & honour the practise space as being sacred.


  • Yoga is a personal self-study practice; therefore we ask that you please refrain from chatting or commenting during class to ensure everyone has a chance to focus on his or her body and breath. The teacher is available to assist where needed.


  • Our studio space is quite confined with very little air ventilation & so for the safety & comfort of your fellow students it's important that you don't attend classes if you have any cold or flu symptoms (e.g cough, runny nose, sneezing etc.). If you have tested positive for covid, please wait a minimum of 10 days before returning to class & ensure that you are 100% symptom free.


  • Please leave your shoes on the stairwell or outside and enter the studio barefoot. (Unless you have spoken to the teacher.)


  • Please refrain from wearing and applying perfume/cologne and strong deodorants within the studio space. Some people are sensitive to strong smells and remember everyone is trying to breathe deeply! 


  • Please bring as little as possible to the floor for the safety of the teacher and other students who need to walk around the room. You should only need your mat and props on the floor. There is cupboard space to store other items at the back if needed.


  • Please clean all yoga equipment used after every class & put away with care (neat & tidy). Cleaning products are provided for use in the studio. 


  • As a general rule, please respect the teacher and students; and the studio as a sacred space for retreat and sanctuary, a place for reflection and meditation, of quiet and peacefulness. All else is left outside!


Cancellation Policy:


Cancellations can be done online via our booking system up until 12hours prior to the class start time. If you need to cancel within that 12 hour period your class will be forfeited and we will be unable to refund you or reschedule your booking.

We do however need you to let us know if you can't make it, so we can give your spot to someone else. Due to our classes being limited to 13 people. If it's within that 12 hour window, please send us an email:


We really appreciate you taking the time to read this, as well as respecting and following our studio code of conduct & ethics.


Sangha Yoga Studio is our home & our role as yoga teachers isn't just a job it's our life & a way of life, in which we cherish dearly. We are devoted to this path & as part of that - Yoga is a practice of energy management and so we need to have boundaries and rules in place to manage the ingoing & outgoing energies to ensure the safety of all students, teachers & the studio space itself.


Thank you for taking the time to read our studio code of conduct & ethics.


With & In Love,

Sangha Yoga Studio

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