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Studio Etiquette

| mindful | respectful | meditative | reflective | tranquil | safe |

Sangha Studio provides a relaxing and supportive environment for people to practice at their own pace. We encourage all students to be mindful of each other and ask that you consider the following while at the studio:

  • Bookings before class are essential as our small studio has limited spaces

  • Do not attend the studio if you have any cold or flu symptoms (cough, runny nose, sneezing)

  • Please leave your shoes on the stairwell or outside and enter the studio barefoot.

  • Please say hello and introduce yourself to the teacher before you set up on your mat. Don’t forget to let the teacher know if you have any injuries or concerns, which is best done before the class.

  • It’s best to empty your bladder and ideally the bowels before the class begins and come to class on an empty stomach.

  • Please leave your mobile phones on silent or off in the storage spaces provided. This is really important to us. Phones ringing and buzzing during practice can be very disruptive and besides, class is an excellent chance to switch off from the rest of the world. If you forget and your phone rings, please switch it off straight away to minimise disruption.

  • Please bring as little as possible to the floor for the safety of the teacher and other students who need to walk around the room. You should only need your mat and props on the floor and there is cupboard space to store other items at the back if you need.

  • Refrain from touching other people’s mats. This means having enough space between students and not walking on mats if you need to move around the space. 

  • Yoga is a personal self-study practice; therefore we ask that you please refrain from chatting to ensure everyone has a chance to focus on his or her body and breath. The teacher is available to assist where needed.

  • If you are arriving late or leaving early from a class, please let the teacher know in advance and enter/depart as quietly as possible. Try not to flap your mat loudly; this may sound silly but it can be very unsettling to those that are already ‘in the zone’. It’s best in these instances to try to get a position close to the door.

  • We want everyone in the room to feel comfortable, so please try not to stare at others during their practice – it can be off-putting. If you’re unsure of the next posture, please wait for the teacher to demonstrate.

  • Please try to hydrate thirty minutes prior to practice and afterwards, not during. You must bring your own water bottle.

  • Please refrain from wearing and applying perfume/cologne and strong deodorants within the studio space. Some people are sensitive to strong smells and remember everyone is trying to breathe deeply!

  • It is advised to shower before class for hygiene and courtesy to others in the room.

  • Please clean your yoga equipment regularly. Products are provided for use at the end of class; however, you should aim to clean your mat thoroughly once a month as well.

  • If you arrive while another class is finishing, please be mindful that students are likely in savasana (or rest). Please wait outside and try to keep your voice low, so that everyone has a chance to bliss.

  • Some people view yoga as having a spiritual dimension. This is not for everyone; however, we welcome and respect any person’s reason for attending class whether it is for fitness, strength, flexibility, meditation or mindfulness – or a combination of all of the above.

  • As a general rule, please respect the teacher and students; and the studio as a space for retreat and sanctuary, a place for reflection and meditation, of quiet and peacefulness.

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