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Meet the Sangha Family


Justine Sydenham

Justine Sydenham is the heart behind Sangha Studio & Omnia Healing Arts and has been nurturing her calling to Holistic and Natural ways of Healing for nearly two decades. She is an Integrative Bodyworker, Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Sound Medicine Healer, Ceremonialist & Yoga/Meditation Teacher.

Integrity, honesty, humility & non-judgement is what’s most import for her, to consistently hold a safe & protected space for her students to 'do the work', unravel, unfurl, shed the layers, open their hearts, re-wild & come home, back into their own divine presence. 

Her favourite yoga quote is:  “We use asana to get into our bodies, not our bodies to get into asana’s.” This sums up how she’s holds space & what these sacred practises means to her, a gentle re-wilding approach to arrive back home, remembering our voice, personal power, purpose & who we always were - loving presence. 

Justine is passionate about weaving a trauma informed approach through all of her methods, as well as soul retrieval work, somatic mapping, intuitive embodied movement, recalibrating & healing the nervous system & working with energy medicines for deep everlasting healing.

She selflessly devotes her life to being of service to her family, community, Mother Earth & God - Sangha Studio is an extension of that, in being a safe place to land for all.


Bre Knobel

Bre’s yoga journey began at age 16 when she attended her first yoga class. Then, yoga was a way to keep fit, and create an excuse to have a whole pizza to herself afterwards (now she does that unashamedly). In 2019 this changed when she attended one of Justine’s chakra yoga classes, and yoga took on a whole new meaning. 
It became a way to ground, connect with self, and begin navigating the frightening path to self-love and acceptance. Yoga became a way to heal, to express, and find a new way of being. 
Bre completed her Yin/Yang Yoga Teacher Training with Justine & Lyssa in 2020, and since then has also completed levels I & II of Usui Reiki, 20hr Meditation & the Chakras, and a 20hr Trauma Sensitive Yoga.
Bre’s favourite yoga quote is: “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”– The Bhagavad Gita
When teaching yoga, Bre’s utmost intention is to create a space in which people can feel safe, seen, and empowered to be themselves. In Bre’s yoga classes you can expect to be invited to get curious, explorative, and self-expressive. There is never a right or wrong way, only the way that best serves you in the present moment.

Nicki Pearce

Nicki was fortunate to grow up in a family passionate about health & well-being. It wasn’t until she was a mum herself that the importance of this really kicked in! Nic’s health and yoga journey began when she had difficulty falling pregnant. Nothing was ‘wrong’ but her body was out of balance and exhausted. She soon discovered the mind-blowing power of yoga & meditation which started her on this continuous journey of discovery.

In 2015 Nicki studied a Yoga Therapy teacher training course for kids with Zenergy yoga. A friend of hers convinced her to go on & complete her YTT & she never looked back! Nicki completed her 200hr YTT with Insync. She has been fortunate enough to complete other YTT’s which include Movement Medicine, part of Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa & Creating themed Practices with Delamay Devi, Womankind Pelvic Floor & Hormone Balancing YTT with Liza Fitzpatrick. She completed her Reiki I & II with Justine which opened new doors to spiritual possibilities. Nicki is currently studying Relax Kids, Shamanic Reiki & has also enrolled to study Ayurveda. Nicki loves to dance, do sound healings & be out in nature with her horses. One day she will combine it all together! Nicki loves to teach a yoga flow combining dance, asanas, sound healings & breathing techniques always finishing with a beautiful relaxation to bring it all together leaving you feel free & nurtured. She feels so grateful to all her wonderful teachers for sharing their wisdom.

IMG_2689 2-4.JPG

Bonnie Heidrich

My name is Bonnie, and I am a yoga teacher based in Wagga Wagga. I would like to be known for embodying the essence of yoga on and off the mat. My goal is to inspire others to practice yoga, embrace their unique gifts & cultivate mind/body awareness.

I first found yoga through a DVD when I was 12 years old. I was inspired by the strength and flexibility gained through a consistent practice. That path led me on a journey to learn more about the benefits of yoga and living each moment more mindfully. I travelled to Bali and completed my 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training with Abode Yoga in 2018. I love being a student have since completed further training focussing on yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation.
My mission is to empower others through yoga, and give students a deep understanding of their yoga practice. My classes combine dynamic vinyasa flows with soothing restorative poses to help present the balance that is the ebb and flow of life.

I look forward to meeting you on the mat.


Dee Brilley

Hi, I am Dee from embracingembodiedminds, I have over 15 years’ experience as an Early Childhood Teacher and have completed a Certificate in Teaching and Guiding Meditation and Mindfulness. My teaching style is interest and emergent based, thriving when in flow and deeply connected with those that I am able to share space with.


Enlightenment, authenticity, connection, and a nurturing environment are of high importance to me, allowing a safe space for others to explore a deep sense of emotional awareness.


My goal for our mindful sessions is to explore adaptable techniques through interest based, fun, mindful tools. My vision is to broaden and bring awareness around trauma informed education. Whilst highlighting the deep importance of emotional literacy; the way in which emotions arise, sit, and feel even for our youngest generation. 80% of the brain is developed within the first five years. For children connecting to what appears and arises in present moment situations, may be expressed through heightened behaviours and reactions. If we can expose children to these tools, they can carry them for life. Being able to pull on them throughout any hardship over their lifetime. I believe we must sit alongside children in coregulation. Whilst scaffolding, role modelling and co creating with children to explore these mindful practises. Once children are able to lean into their window of tolerance or sense a more balanced level of regulation, their learning flourishes. Each child blooms beyond our expectations. I want children to have a voice, feel seen, safe, soothed, and secure. We have the capacity to create change and continue to set these children up with amazing life skills.


I am excited to be a part of the Sangha community and look forward to sharing these amazing skills that I have observed make positive waves within my classrooms.


Bronte Mullins

Bronte has been practicing yoga since 2017 which has helped with her mental health and anxiety. Through the space created by Justine, she has learnt many skills of how to be in tune with her body and create space for all emotions.

Bronte has just completed her Pilates Mat Instructor training with Barre Body and loves how Pilates can create heat in the body but also nourishes your mind and total wellbeing.

Class information: The mat Pilates classes are open to all, creating a welcome space for all bodies. In these classes you will create heat within your body but also find relaxation towards the end of the classes to help you wind down & help you throughout your day.

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